UNC Graduation | Chapel Hill, NC


There is something magical about driving up Franklin Street towards campus. The trees are overhanging the winding road, I'm surrounded by gorgeous old homes, memories of running these same roads during spring time flood my mind- and my heart skips a beat. 

Graduation pictures mean more to me than just pictures you give to your family members, post on social media Mother's day weekend, or maybe throw in a frame to be placed in your childhood bedroom. They are a culmination and celebration of the life you have created the past 4 years. Think back when you were a freshman, dropped off to campus for the first time. You just moved into your dorm room, your parents just left (tears have finally started to dry...you were there too- don't lie), and you look around and whisper to yourself, "Now what?" 

These past 4 years, you have been doing the "Now what." You've been creating foundations the rest of your life will be based off. Whether that is skipping class, grabbing an afternoon coffee to relax, or diligently reading every last handout a teacher assigned (whoops- I missed that step), you've also been creating friendship and memories that one day will flood back into your mind.

That is what graduation photos mean to me. It's the celebration of your achievements. It's the culmination of every coffee you drank at 2 am to finish that 15 page paper. It's the climax of every email requesting an extension because of "x, y & z" when really you just hosted a dance party in your living room instead of finishing that assignment. These photos hold those memories for me. So whether I hand them out to family members, or stick them in a frame, I will always have pictures to remind myself of all the times in college. Which means, whenever I drive down Franklin street, my heart never ceases to skip a beat.

So now let's celebrate together! Let's hit all the spots: The Old Well, The Bell Tower, South Building....any maybe He's Not. Let's get some photos!