The F Family | Adoption Fundraiser


You know that one couple who will always pose for you no matter what?! Whether I needed practice with different lighting, practice posing, or practice scouting out different locations- Megan and Jeremy (and now baby Lucas) were always willing to be my guinea pigs- and the cutest guinea pigs at that!! Not to mention these 3 are some of our very best friends! 

As you scroll through this montage of photos (some from the early days....), you'll see a portion of my heart: their heart and joy for adoption. Pictures are memories to me and when I look back through these photos, I see blaring evidences that God is kind, He extends grace and He longs to be good to His children.

But it doesn't just stop at these photos...

SURPRISE!! Megan, Jeremy and Lucas are bringing home Lucas' sister in only a few short months! So while I'm over here dreaming of bows and lace for newborn photos, let's help support them in their adoption! 


I'll be holding a series of 20 minute mini sessions at the end of March. Head over to my contact page and shoot me an email to save your spot! Every single cent will be donated to bringing Baby Girl Fisher home! Suggested donation: $125