Jeremy + Sarah | Durham, NC


Y'all. This Couple. 

Jeremy and Sarah, your love for each other and your friendship shine through these photos. Thank you for not thinking I was crazy when we stopped at this tiny field right off the main road. The lighting was just too beautiful. But I knew you guys were ready for anything when you showed up in matching Birks. Come. On. Too cute. 

I first drove by this little field right around sunset and the way the light was dancing in every direction, I knew I had to take photos here. Plus right across the street is the cutest little white country church. I texted Sarah the location right away and said something along the lines of, "I know this is a drive for y'all, but you won't regret it." Sarah totally followed along and they were champs. 

Usually, when we start a session, I like to warm up a little. Get everyone used to posing & following my favorite directions like: "nuzzle in" "swoon" & "touch forehead to forehead"- you know typical every day things we all do...But there was no need for warm up with these two. They had it down pat from the beginning. I'd start a pose, "Ok get close..." and before I could finish they were already perfectly positioned, clasping hands and just being flat out gorgeous. It allowed me to capture some sweet, organic moments. And by the end of the shoot, I knew we created some beauty in this little field off the side of the road. See for yourself!