Grilled Chicken Parm | Doty Kitchen


This dinner. Yum. It's my go to for spring/summer nights - or really any night the weather is warm enough to grill! It is simple, quick & cheap, which makes it an A+ in my book for a weeknight dinner. Let's work through it together step by step for some helpful hints - or scroll to the bottom for the recipe!  

First collect all your supplies: chicken breasts, a really sharp chef's knife, a cutting board, seasonings, & a hunky husband to cut all your meat :) Cleaning the chicken is absolutely necessary! Make sure to get all those skin pieces, any extra bones or blood spots. Once clean, fillet the breasts- keep scrolling to learn the easiest way to do this!


First grip the chicken at the thicker part of the breast, lift it up a little so you can see the edge, find the middle & carefully start the tip of your knife here. Lay your chicken back down flat against the cutting board, position your knife parallel to the cutting board, and place your hand directly on top. 


Being aware of your knife, carefully move the knife back and forth (like a saw) towards the end of the breast. Once done, separate the two halves and pat yourself on the back (with the non- chicken hand, of course -haha)!

Season both sides of the chicken with Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. Now grab your favorite pair of tongs because it's time for the grill! 


While I'm waiting for the grill to heat up and get started, I bring a pot of water to boil. I prefer to use angel hair for my pasta base, but most pasta types will do. Feel free to be creative here: penne, bow tie, spaghetti! Pasta only takes a few minutes, so make sure to get the chicken on the grill before you start actually cooking the pasta. 


Once the grill is nice and hot go ahead and place the chicken on the grill. They cook for about 5 minutes per side, depending on how thick your fillets are. There are so many ways to make sure your chicken is done completely- the easiest: cut your thickest piece of chicken in half to make sure all the pink is gone in the middle. But whatever method you use, just make sure the thickest part of your chicken reaches 165 degrees.  

While my chicken is done and resting inside, I strain my pasta and heat up a jar of pasta sauce in the now empty spaghetti pot. Once the sauce is warm, mix 3/4 of the sauce with the pasta and place in a non-greased, oven safe baking dish. Place the grilled chicken on top, cover with the remaining sauce, and prepare yourself for the best step! 




Start your oven broiler on high.  Keep the rack in the middle/bottom (creating some distance away from the heat source).  Keep an eye out (I've learned the hard way), because the broiler on high bubbles that cheese in seconds! 


Last step is to serve it up and enjoy! With any good pasta dish- Caesar salad is an awesome side, but you can also throw some chopped veggies on the grill (mixed with a little olive oil, salt and pepper) to round everything out.