Lifestyle Newborn | The P Family


Ya'll I'm just as giddy as that little one above over this lifestyle shoot with this new family of 4! Remember when we first met them for their family session? I can't get enough of this family- they are so caring and generous. They are my favorite type of people, because they make you feel free and apart by just entering their house. It's life giving! 


I like to run lifestyle session on the family's timeline...isn't that the aim anyways: capturing a life style. If Baby is sleeping, let's do baby first. If we have an active toddler, let's get their smiles in first and move on before they get too wiggly. If we have a fussy baby in-between all this, let's take a breather and snack break until we are back together. That's why there is so much flexibility and flow in these sessions, because its life. And when in life with a newborn do things go as planned? My goal as a photographer in these sessions are to capture life- as it is, because that is what we want to remember when the fog of trying to keep a newborn alive rises.  


This family rocked it! There is nothing more beautiful then entering into someone's home and taking part of their life for a small moment. It's like a glimpse into who they are as individuals, coming together as a family. I don't take it lightly that I get to be apart of this sacred moment- the first few days of life, the first few days of being a family of 4. 


We wanted to take a few "studio" shots since this sweet babe was only a few days old and he was extra sleepy. So we set up a makeshift studio in their bonus room (did I mention I was at home in their house haha!) and went to town. We had dad holding a heater, mom being a soother, big brother causing a ruckus downstairs :) and me swooning and soaking up every minute! Those hands! I can't! 


Thank you P family for letting me enter into your home and your family for the morning. To say I am honored is not doing my emotions justice. You are a sweet, sweet family and you have something unique and beautiful.